Our Mission

The aim of this project is to improve skills in bookkeeping and accounting thus providing a better accountability and transparency in the businesses in Ghana and Togo, where the majority of the companies are still having problems to manage their own affairs. Education is a key of development.

This will go a long way in improving and encouraging relation between major players such as Banks, investors and government on one side and business on the other side.

To obtain the objective, the project will develop an interactive webbased course in bookkeeping and accounting with 3 levels of learning: basic, intermediate and advanced. The emphasis will be on improving the skills of secondary school leavers to enable them to set up their own business as bookeepers for several smaller workshops and shopowners at the village/district level, or join larger cooperations as bookkeepers and accountants. The main office will based in Accra the Capital combine with a demonstrations rooms.

It will help Africans to manage their own business, and the same time it will also create more jobs.


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