How would an organization assess itself and know its profit margin? We specialize in finance and accounting which are among the most important aspects of the growth and continuity of any organization in the world.


We pride ourselves of a great team of committed, enthusiastic and innovative professionals who are the most solution-focused and result-oriented. We mentor them on the dynamics and current trends in global business.

Business Setup

Business ideas are great, nurturing them is ingenious; yet transforming them into reality can be a big challenge. We provide administrative and documentation guidance for set-up, entrepreneurial and innovative techniques.

Office Assistance

Given the very demanding nature of executive positions, office assistance is increasingly becoming challenging position in modern organizations. We train and enhance capacity for office assistants so they can deal with multiple tasks.

Welcome to Our Company!

We aim at start-ups and other organizations, private and public. Given our experience and professionalism, we continue to train and improve skills, enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting and general administration.

To attain these objectives we offer an interactive web-based resource on bookkeeping and accounting in three different categories: basic, intermediate and advanced categories. In this way we are able to provide better accountability and transparency in businesses in Ghana and Togo, including other countries of the world where majority of businesses still have huge managerial problems.

Continuous learning is key instrument in the advancement of business. Our activities and support to businesses also aim at improving administrative and financial relationships between major stakeholders including financial institutions, other investors and government agencies on the one hand and businesses on the other.


  • Evon Management
    Evon Management Service which is a partner company of Eco2TopPortal Company from Denmark is going to start its activities in Ghana and Togo from August 2013.